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It was one snowy morning, and the bright sun shined on the white grass. Although you were lazy as hell, you got up. LOLOLOLOLOL. (Ike: Shut up, I'm trying to type.)  NOOO..

Anyways, despite the whole fight, Italy called you. 

" Wait, how did you get my phone number-" You asked. 

" Ve~! ___~! Come play with us! Germany and Japan are here! And-a so is the Allies! Please-a come play with us, we need-a one more person!!" Italy begged. You remembered that there was 3 in the Axis, and 5 in the Allies, so that's eight. Why would they need another?

" If I come, there'll be 9." You said. 

" Oh, Russia's not here. Everybody else doesn't want him here.." Italy said. You sighed. 

" I have to decline, go with Ike instead." You replied. (Ike: OMG, YAYY!!!!*runs off to hug Italy*) 

" Aww..okay then. Bye, bella~!" Italy said. You hung up then went back on your bed. You were just spread out, while your body bounced in the jiggling mattress. 

" Why can't Russia come? I mean, he's not that scary!" You said.

You sighed then looked at your contacts on your phone. Since Ike is not here, you're going to have to imagine the people on your contacts.

Then you saw Russia. You almost blushed thinking of him. Of course he was a big and scary country, but he was adorable~!

" I think I'll invite Russia to play with me and my dog..yeah. It'll be fun.." You thought. Just before doing anything else, somebody called you. 

" ____ speaking." You said. 

" Dobroye utro,______." Russia greeted. (Good morning) You blushed a little. 

" Uh, good morning to you too, Russia." You greeted. 

" I know this is a bit sudden, but I need to tell you something.." Russia said. You blushed a little. 

" Uh what is it-" You asked. 

" Uh, never mind. Would you like to join Belarus, Ukraine and me to play in the snow?" Russia asked. Your eyes lid up. 

" Of course! I'll be right there!!" You replied. He hung up and you squealed. You leaped out of bed and got on your Winter clothes. As you put your mittens and hat on, you heard yelling outside. 

" OII!!! _____!!!!!" The voice yelled. It was Ukraine. (UNEXPECTED!!!) She has jumping up and down, and you just stared at those melons. Belarus and Russia was behind her. 

" Russia~!" You squealed silently. You put your boots on and head out to the cold. 

" Dobrogo ranku !" She greeted, hugging you. (Good morning!) You chuckled a little, trying to push her off. 

" Uh, Ukraine, please let go.." You said. 

" Sorry! I'm just so excited!" Ukraine said. She let go, and you still saw her melons jiggling. You and her were best friends, if you didn't know. She's excited because she never had any friends. She also knew that you liked Russia. 

" Let's go to my house, it had a lot of snow there~!" Russia said. (I mean the mansion) 

" Okay then~!" You cheered. 
" Anyways, what game should we start first?" Belarus asked.

" SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!" You yelled. You LOVED snowball fights.(If you don't, I am SOO sorry! Just pretend that Ukraine said that then)

" Good idea, ____/Ukraine. What do you think, ____/ guys?" Russia asked. You all agreed, then kneeled down. 

" Alright, I think we should have teams, though." Russia said. He walked over to you and held your hand. Belarus was angry as hell. 

" Let's be a team, da~?" Russia asked. You blushed a little. Ukraine was happy for you two. 

" Uh, okay then.." You said, looking at the ground. Russia looked a bit sad. 

" Yay! We can start now~!" Ukraine said. She grabbed Belarus' hand and ran to the other side of the yard. 

" Hey! Don't pull me, Cow!" Belarus said. Ukraine ignored her, then they built a snow fort. 

" Let's go,~da?" Russia asked. You blushed a little. 

"O-okay then.." You replied. He had that same worried face. You both built a snow-wall to protect yourselves. 

" Russia looks so cute...but what if he doesn't like me back...? " You thought.
While you were thinking, Russia caught you with a concerned look on your face. He looked a bit depressed, too. 

" If you didn't wan to play with us, you could've just said so.." Russia said. You looked at him like he just ate a caterpillar. 

" No! I mean, I don't want you to be left alone with JUST your family...I'm not saying it's a bad thing! It's just that-" You explained. 

" No, I understand.." Russia said. You felt guilty for everything. 

" Okay guys~! Are you ready~?" Ukraine asked. 

" Not yet!" Russia and you yelled. You both grabbed a ton of snow then made snowballs. 

" We're ready~!" Russia yelled. Before you could say," Hetalia~!" Belarus threw a snowball at your face. She knew that you made Russia sad. 

" DON'T MAKE BIG BROTHER SAD!!!!" Belarus yelled, throwing a ton of snowballs at you. 

" GAHHH!!!! STOP IT, PLEASE!!!!" You yelled, covered with snowballs. 

" Belarus! Stop!" Russia yelled. 

" HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY LOVE-" Belarus yelled. Russia was behind her and he touched her shoulder. 

"" Belarus said. Russia had a dark aurora behind him. 

" Belarus~! I told you to stop...right.?" Russia asked. 

" Uhm...Y-yes..." Belarus replied. Russia gripped tighter. 

" Then why didn't you stop...?" Russia asked. Belarus was getting scared now.

" I-uh.just saw you-" Belarus replied. 

" BUT I'M YOUR BIG BROTHER...AND I TOLD YOU TO STOP..DIDN'T I..?" Russia asked, with his eyes WIDE open. 

" Y-Y-Yes.." Belarus replied. Now his gripping was a bit more tighter. 

" THEN LISTEN TO ME..OKAY..?" Russia asked. 

" O-O-O-O-Okay.." Belarus stuttered. She ran off into the house. 
" LITHUANIA!!!" Belarus yelled. Not sure if Lithuania and Belarus are actually dating, but what the heck. Ike's not here to judge. 

" YAY!!!" Ike cheered, rolling down the snow. 

" Uhh, Brazil?" Antarctica asked. Ike was STILL rolling down the hill. 

" S!$@, SHE'S GOING TO HIT THAT TREE!" Antarctica yelled. Everybody ran down the hill. 

Belarus clinged onto Lithuania. 
" What is it, Belarus?" Lithuania asked. 

" R-R-R-R-RUSSIA! HE'S SCARY NOW!" Belarus replied. Lithuania smiled, but was still a bit concerned. 

" Now you feel how I feel, right?" Lithuania asked. Belarus nodded. 

" Wait a sec, if Belarus gets scared now on from Russia, then that means..." Estonia said. 

" RUSSIA IS NOW INVINCIBLE.." Latvia finished. Russia, Ukraine and you entered the house.

" Hello guys~! We're just taking a break now, so don't worry-" Russia explained. The Baltics and Belarus all yelled in horror. 

" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" They all yelled. They zoomed somewhere else, escaping from Russia. 

" Da~? What happened?" Russia asked. You chuckled a little. 

" They were just..uh...startled that you came back suddenly..yeah.." You lied. 

" I knew they were scared of Russia, but like this? Even Italy is not scared of him THAT much..." You thought. Russia still had a worried/concerned face. 

" Oh..I see..." Russia said. He walked into the kitchen. 

" I wonder what's up with Russia now.." You thought. You sighed and sat down at the dining table. Ukraine had a worried face as well. 

" No no no, this relationship is going wrong! Ukraine thought. 
Russia brought in some hot chocolate. 

" Yay~! Hot chocolate~!" Ukraine cheered, silently. She drank some of the hot chocolate. 

" Hot chocolate? That's my favorite~!" You cheered. (Sorry, again, if you do not like Hot chocolate. Pretend you DO. Ike is not here.) Russia smiled gently. You drank a sip of your hot chocolate. 

" Wow~! That was refreshing~!" You cheered. Russia smiled so heavenly, that you blushed. 

"T-Thanks..R-R-Russia.." You thanked. He was sad again. 

" Why is Russia so sad from time to time? " You thought. 

" Hey ____?" Russia asked. 

" Yes, Russia?" You asked. 

" Can outside..?" Russia asked. You blushed.

" Um-oh..ah..okay then..." You replied. You both stood up and walked outside, with your winter "gear" of course. 
" There's something I need to tell you-" You said. 

" I do, too, but you go on ahead." Russia said. 

" I-uhh..have liked-" You confessed. Russia interrupted you with a kiss. 

" I do,too.." Russia said. 

" Then why DID you look so sad or worried?" You asked. 

" I was afraid that you were scared of me, and you didn't like me either.." Russia said. 

" Me too.." You added. You both were nose-to-nose, then the door opened. 

" CONGRATULATIONS~!" Ukraine yelled, hugging you and Russia. 

 You BOTH confessed~! I'm so happy now~!" Ukraine said. Russia and you chuckled, then you both looked as each other. 

" AND," Ukraine added. 

" I got it on tape~!" Ukraine said. 
HA HA HA~! She got it on tape~! 
This was a "request" from somebody. 
Okay, it wasn't really a request, but ya know.
I have to do my homework now~!
LOL. Until next time~!
Mew meow~!

RussiaXReader: Snow day(Well,duuh) by IketheCOOL

/ ©2014-2016 IketheCOOL
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NjHetalia Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
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